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network products

The MPLS service provides networking of the customer’s sites by means of virtual private network. The product is suitable especially for corporate customers with multiple sites.

It is a very reliable service of MPLS VPN type (virtual private network on MPLS backbone network) with guaranteed key parameters, which is constructed based on MPLS with separate VRF routing tables for individual virtual private networks, ensuring high security and efficiency in their operation.

The MPLS service will be useful for customers who need to interconnect individual sites in a secure and reliable way s and provide a uniform access to the Internet.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Data transfer and voice traffic with guaranteed contractual parameters
  • Establishment and operation of the network access lines
  • Ability to split traffic into different quality classes according to the type of traffic


  • Access to both Internet and VPN through a single connection
  • Reduced demands on end-device (just a small LAN switch or router)